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10.1: Ghost in Your Genes Worksheet

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  • Ghost In Your Genes

    Documentary – 20 points

    Following the mapping of the human genome, scientists discovered there is a huge new chapter in the genetics story. Dubbed epigenetics, it involves the chemical markers on DNA that effectively turn genes on or off dramatically influencing growth and development.

    I. Chromosomal Anomaly

    A. Angelman's Syndrome is characterized by the following features:

    1. Jerky movement

    2. Severe mental retardation

    3. Uncharacteristic happiness

    B. Prader-Willi Syndrome, on the other hand, is described by

    1. Weak muscle tone

    2. Feeding difficulties

    3. Delayed development

    C. Both caused by a deletion in chromosome ________, the difference:

    1. Angelman's is caused by ______________________________________________

    2. Prader-willi by ______________________________________________________

    II. The Epigenome

    A. Can change as a result of:




    B. Why? Why would nature maintain a system capable of dramatic changes?

    1. Genome = static; very difficult to change, slow to evolve


    III. Personality Linked to the Epigenome

    A. Upbringing can affect stress responses

    1. Abuse, neglect and harsh/inconsistent discipline increase risk of depression, anxiety, and drug abuse

    2. Predisposed to diseases such as




    IV. Environment and Epigenetics

    A. Discovery: A grandson was ______ times more likely to die of an illness related to diabetes if his grandfather had _____________________________ to eat in childhood.

    B. The transmission of environmental exposure through generations was called:_________________________________________________________________________

    C. Data indicated there may be sensitive periods of development that coincide with

    1. Females: ____________________________________________________________

    2. Males: _____________________________________________________________

    V. Interesting Facts:

    A. List 3 new things you've learned from the documentary.