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7.2: Pre-Lab 7

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    Name: _________________________________

    Supplementary: Soil Arthropods

    1. Arthropods that spend the majority of their time/life cycle in the leaf litter are typically well adapted for their habitat. From the reading, give TWO specific examples of the way sensory structures and functions differ in soil/leaf-litter dwelling arthropods in comparison to typical terrestrial arthropods.

    Management of Soil Pests

    Many of the soil insects that behave as pests in production systems only do so when occurring in high numbers. Then, because of the protective nature of soil habitat, they are often frequently difficult to treat, especially which topical pesticides that require heavy contact with the organism. Review your tools of IPMand provide a solution for each of the following scenarios:

    1) A way to EXCLUDE soil pests in a plant nursery that does not include pesticides:

    2) A way to manage soil pest populations below injury levels once they’ve invaded, that does not include pesticides:

    3) A way to decrease soil pest population with no risk of harming beneficial insects/arthropods that may be on foliage:

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