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3.1: List of Abbreviations

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  • Abl (or c-Abl) Abelson kinase
    Abl(229-511) the Abelson kinase domain, which is constitutively active for kinase activity when expressed as an isolated domain
    APS ammonium persulfate
    bp base pairs
    EtBr ethidium bromide
    IPTG Isopropyl-ß-D-thiogalactopyranosid
    kan kanamycin, an antibiotic
    kb kilobase pairs
    MW molecular weight (reported in g/mol)
    OD600 optical density (absorbance) at 600 nm
    RE restriction enzyme
    strep streptomycin, an antibiotic
    TAE tris acetate electrophoresis
    TBS tris buffered saline
    Tm melting temperature
    TEMED etramethylethylenediamine
    wt wild type
    w/v weight/volume