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2.3: Lab 1 report

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    1. (Observe) Record your initial observations of the box your team has been given (sounds, weight, size, etc.). What characteristics do the contents possess? (3 pts)

    2. (Hypothesize and Explain, Experiment, and Conclude/Interpret) Using the back of this page, describe three rejected hypotheses, prediction(s) that follow from each hypothesis, and the experiments used to reject them. For example:

      “I hypothesize box #1 contains a medium, white, Hanes, tag-less t-shirt, without a decal because I initially observed the contents of the box are not heavy. I therefore predict the item inside should sound soft and slide around easily. Instead, the item made a thumping sound. I rejected this hypothesis.”

      Be sure to follow this format! (9 pts)

    3. Give a hypothesis for the contents of the box that you have been unable to reject (i.e. failed-to-reject). Describe your prediction(s), experiment(s), and the results that led you to your conclusion. Be sure to follow the format above! (3 pts)

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