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Instructions and Practice

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    Creating an ADAPT Libretexts Account

    You will complete homework by logging into your LibreTexts account. You must use your school ( email to register your LibreTexts account. 

    1. Make sure you have our access code. 

    2. Go to

    3. Click Register in the top right corner

    4. Select "Student" from the drop-down menu

    5. Click on "Campus Registration". (BOX AT THE TOP) -- NOT THE BOXES UNDER REGISTER WITH ADAPT.

    6. In the overlay window, select "Google Workspace"

    7. Enter your school email ( and click "Next" or select your school email ( from the list if you are already logged into Google

    8. If you are prompted to log in with your UALR Net ID and Password, do so

    9. Select your Time Zone (Central Time) and set registration type to "Student"

    10. Type in your T-number in the Student ID field and Click "Submit"

    11. After your account is created you will be brought to My Courses page

    12. Click "Enroll in Course"

    13. Paste the Access Code 

    14. Click "Submit"

    15. Next, Click on your name in the top right corner and go to Settings.

    16. Go to Notifications and choose the time option for your reminders. Click "Update"




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