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1: Introduction

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    Chapter 1 BSC 3271 Learning Outcomes

    • Describe the field of microbiology
    • Appreciate the variety of impacts of microbes and microbiology on humans and the environment
    • Provide a reasonable definition of a microbe
    • Explain germ theory of disease and the link to Koch’s Postulates
    • Apply Koch’s Postulates
    • Understand the role of background knowledge in formulating hyptotheses and how science is limited in the experiments it can perform by techniques available as well as ethical considerations
    • Determine the appropriate type of microscopy to use in a situation (bright field, fluorescence, TEM, SEM)
    • Distinguish between images produced by various forms of microscopy (bright field, fluorescence, TEM, SEM)

    Thumbnail: "microscope" by rouwkema is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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