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3.6: Assignment- Medical Experience

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    Identify a medical condition that affects you or a close family member. Research and write a summary of the condition that addresses the following points:

    1. Signs and symptoms of the condition
    2. How the condition is diagnosed
    3. Body system directly impacted by the condition
    4. At least one other body system impacted by the condition or its symptoms
    5. Treatment options (traditional and holistic are appropriate here)
    6. On-going medical research on this condition
    7. Prognosis of condition
    8. Personal impact of this condition

    Rubric: Medical Experience

    Criteria Ratings Pts
    Condition Signs, symptoms, and specific tests used in diagnosis are discussed, including rare symptoms or timeline of progression Signs, symptoms, and tests used in diagnosis are discussed Major signs/symptoms or diagnosis not discussed 3 pts
    Body systems Major and secondary body systems directly impacted and then connected systems are identified Major body system impacted and one connected system identified Major body system or connected system not identified 3 pts
    Treatment Current, experimental and holistic treatment options are all identified Current standard treatment is identified Treatments are not identified or discussed 3 pts
    Medical research A summary of specific medical research is provided A high level overview of ongoing medical research is provided Medical research is not discussed 3 pts
    Prognosis Typical and atypical prognosis is discussed, including impact of treatment options Typical prognosis is discussed Prognosis is not provided 3 pts
    Personal impact Personal impact is discussed Personal impact is not discussed 3 pts
    Total points: 18

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