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1.1: Laboratory Safety

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    Learning Objectives
    • Demonstrate awareness of the safety hazards present in the microbiology laboratory.
    • Practice good laboratory safety.


    Laboratory Safety Rules for Microbiology Lab Classes

    There are many hazards associated with microbiology laboratories. Adherence to the following policies will help you, your classmates, and others who use the laboratory space to stay safe:

    1. Do not eat, drink, store food, or smoke in the laboratory.
    2. Decontaminate the workbenches at the beginning of laboratory.
    3. Bring only necessary equipment to your work area.
    4. Store personal belongings so no trip hazards are present in the laboratory.
    5. Do not wear shirts with sleeves that hang down (fire hazard).
    6. Tie or pull back long hair (fire hazard).
    7. Do not carry flasks, test tubes, or bottles from their tops. Always carry from the base.
    8. Never taste or smell anything in the laboratory unless your instructor has indicated that it is safe to do so.
    9. Avoid touching your mouth and eyes during class unless you thoroughly wash your hands first.
    10. Use hot gloves or appropriate glassware holders to handle hot glassware.
    11. Report any spills or supply and equipment breakage to your instructor immediately.
    12. Report any injuries to your instructor immediately.
    13. Make sure all cuts are covered during laboratory.
    14. Decontaminate the workbenches at the end of laboratory.
    15. Thoroughly wash your hands at the end of class.
    16. Follow all instructions for disposing of cultures and chemicals. Do not put any chemicals or cultures down the sink unless your instructor indicated it is safe to do so.
    17. Cleanup all glassware, cultures, and supplies at the end of class. The classroom should look the same at the beginning and at the end of laboratory.


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