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16.0: Selected Sources of Information

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    Searchable databases provide a convenient way to find information on species, places, and topics. With the help of citizen scientists, these databases are rapidly expanding. Below are a few online databases that are free to use. Many also allow users to contribute their own data.

    Biodiversity A-Z



    A thesaurus for biodiversity terminology.

    Conservation Training



    Free conservation-based training materials, provided by TNC.

    Copenhagen databases of African vertebrates



    Distribution maps for Africa’s mammals, birds, snakes, and amphibians.




    Citizen science platform for the global birding community.

    Encyclopaedia of Life



    Developing resource documenting the biology of all species known to science.




    Comprehensive information on sustainability standards.

    Global Biodiversity Information Facility



    Free and open access to biodiversity data.

    Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species (GRIIS)



    Information about invasive species.




    A citizen science project that collects distribution data on all species.

    Learning for Nature



    e-Learning resource by the UNDP.




    A leading environmental news source.




    A free online database for animal tracking data

    Protected Planet



    Comprehensive global spatial dataset on protected areas.

    PADD tracker



    Monitors protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement.




    Provides information on species covered by multilateral environmental agreements.

    Vital Signs



    Collects and integrates data on agriculture, ecosystems, and human well-being.

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