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12.8: Suggested Readings

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    Biggs, D., R. Cooney, D. Roe, et al. 2016. Developing a theory of change for a communitybased response to illegal wildlife trade. Conservation Biology 31: 5–12. Four pathways to community-level action against wildlife crimes.

    Chapron, G., Y. Epstein, A. Trouwborst, et al. 2017. Bolster legal boundaries to stay within planetary boundaries. Nature Ecology and Evolution 1: 0086. Various tactics are used to make biodiversity laws less effective.

    Christian, C., D. Ainley, M. Baileyet al. 2013. A review of formal objections to Marine Stewardship Council fisheries certifications. Biological Conservation 161: 10–17. Strengths and weaknesses of schemes certifying sustainability.

    Christy, B., and B. Stirton. 2015. How killing elephants finances terror in Africa. National Geographic. A riveting account of two journalists tracking poaching routes.

    Etiendem, D., L. Hens, and Z. Pereboom. 2011. Traditional knowledge systems and the conservation of Cross River gorillas: A case study of Bechati, Fossimondi, Besali, Cameroon. Ecology and Society 16: 22. Traditional belief systems can be used to promote conservation.

    Harfoot, M., S.A.M. Glaser, D.P. Tittensor, et al. 2018. Unveiling the patterns and trends in 40 years of global trade in CITES-listed wildlife. Biological Conservation 223: 47–57. Even legal wildlife trade is having a massive impact on biodiversity.

    Hilborn, R., P. Arcese, M. Borner, et al. 2006. Effective enforcement in a conservation area. Science 314: 1266. Enforcement of environmental laws really makes a difference.

    Plumptre, A.J., R.A. Fuller, A. Rwetsiba, et al. 2014. Efficiently targeting resources to deter illegal activities in protected areas. Journal of Applied Ecology 51: 714–25. Prioritising law enforcement efforts can save money.

    Tulloch, A.I.T., N. Auerbach, S. Avery-Gomm, et al. 2018. A decision tree for assessing the risks and benefits of publishing biodiversity data. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2: 1209–17. Publishing biodiversity data has risks that should be considered

    Wasser, S.K., L. Brown, C. Mailand, et al. 2015. Genetic assignment of large seizures of elephant ivory reveals Africa’s major poaching hotspots. Science 349: 84–87. Genetics can be used to identify poaching hotspots.

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