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11.9: Suggested Readings

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    IUCN/SSC. 2013. Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations (Gland: IUCN/SSC). Guidelines for species reintroductions and translocations.

    Mawdsley, J.R., R. O’Malley, and D.S. Ojima. 2009. A review of climate-change adaptation strategies for wildlife management and biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology 23: 1080–89. A review of methods to combat climate change.

    Menges, E.S., S.A. Smith, and C.W. Weekley. 2016. Adaptive introductions: How multiple experiments and comparisons to wild populations provide insights into requirements for long-term introduction success of an endangered shrub. Plant Diversity 38: 238–46. Experimentation can reduce uncertainty in population translocation.

    Miller, B., W. Conway, R.P. Reading, et al. 2004. Evaluating the conservation mission of zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and natural history museums. Conservation Biology 18: 86–93. Eight tough questions directed at ex situ facilities.

    Nogués-Bravo, D., D. Simberloff, C. Rahbek, et al. 2016. Rewilding is the new Pandora’s box in conservation. Current Biology 26: R87–R91. Are there limits to wildlife translocation dreams?

    Pérez, I., J.D. Anadón, M. Díaz, et al. 2012. What is wrong with current translocations? A review and a decisionmaking proposal. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10: 494–501. Important considerations for translocations.

    Sherley, R.B., K. Ludynia, B.M. Dyer, et al. 2017. Metapopulation tracking juvenile penguins reveals an ecosystem-wide ecological trap. Current Biology 27: 563–68. Detecting and dealing with ecological traps requires holistic thinking.

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