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11.8: Topics for Discussion

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    1. How do you judge whether a reintroduction project is successful? Develop simple and then increasingly detailed criteria to evaluate a project’s success.
    2. Tying concepts from different chapters together, what are the biggest challenges standing in the way of conserving Africa’s migratory birds?
    3. Use the advanced search functions on the IUCN Red List website ( to pick one species occurring in your country that is threatened by climate change. Referring to Chapter 6, how does climate change threaten this species? What strategies can be used to prevent this species’ extinction?
    4. What roles do ex situ facilities play in the conservation of threatened species in Africa? Discuss two or three different roles. Do you think there are certain aspects in conservation that they can make a larger contribution to than is currently the case?
    5. Find two or three examples of wild or semi-wild populations of African species maintained on other continents? Are those species threatened in their natural distribution ranges? Does maintaining populations of African species on other continents represent a successful conservation strategy? Explain your answer.

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