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10.7: Suggested Readings

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    Crouzeilles, R., M.S. Ferreira, R.L. Chazdon, et al. 2017. Ecological restoration success is higher for natural regeneration than for active restoration in tropical forests. Science Advances 3: e1701345. Natural regeneration is an appropriate restoration strategy under the right conditions.

    Maron, M., C.D. Ives, H. Kujala, et al. 2016. Taming a wicked problem: Resolving controversies in biodiversity offsetting. BioScience 66: 489–98. Biodiversity offsets offer conservation opportunities as well as challenges.

    Miller, B.P., E.A. Sinclair, M.H.M. Menz, et al. 2017. A framework for the practical science necessary to restore sustainable, resilient, and biodiverse ecosystems. Restoration Ecology 25: 605–17. Practical guidelines for ecological restoration success.

    Panfil, S.N., and C.A. Harvey. 2015. REDD+ and biodiversity conservation: A review of the biodiversity goals, monitoring methods, and impacts of 80 REDD+ projects. Conservation Letters 9: 143–50. The UN’s REDD+ program shows promise, but several shortcomings need to be addressed.

    van Wilgen, B.W., and A. Wannenburgh. 2016. Co-facilitating invasive species control, water conservation and poverty relief: Achievements and challenges in South Africa’s Working for Water program. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 19: 7–17. Ecosystem conservation, poverty relief, and job creation.

    van Wilgen, B.W., and D.M. Richardson. 2014. Challenges and trade-offs in the management of invasive alien trees. Biological Invasions 16: 721–34. Is the benefits gained from planting invasive species worth the costs?

    Waldram, M.S., W.J. Bond, and W.D. Stock. 2008. Ecological engineering by a mega- grazer: White rhino impacts on a South African savanna. Ecosystems 11: 101–12. Restoring ecosystem engineer populations results in a more diverse landscape.

    Zachariades, C., I.D. Paterson, L.W. Strathie, et al. 2017. Assessing the status of biological control as a management tool for suppression of invasive alien plants in South Africa. Bothalia 47: 1–19. Biocontrol has many benefits

    One of the following two manuscripts:

    van Wilgen, B.W., and H.C. Biggs. 2011. A critical assessment of adaptive ecosystem management in a large savanna protected area in South Africa. Biological Conservation 144: 1179–87. A general overview of an adaptive management program.

    van Wilgen, B.W., N. Govender, I.P.J. Smit, et al. 2014. The ongoing development of a pragmatic and adaptive fire management policy in a large African savanna protected area. Journal of Environmental Management 132: 358-368. A specific overview of an adaptive management program.

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