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8.10: Topics for Discussion

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    1. Why should you, or anyone else, be concerned if a species becomes extirpated (also known as locally extinct)? How does this concern compare to when a species becomes globally extinct?
    2. Use the IUCN Red List ( to identify one species in your country that is currently threatened with extinction. How might this species be affected by the various challenges facing small populations? Consider genetic, physiological, behavioral, and ecological factors, as appropriate.
    3. Think of an imaginary animal that was recently discovered. Imagine this animal is also threatened with extinction. Name three characteristics that make your imaginary animal vulnerable to its threats. Now discuss some steps that can be implemented to ensure that your animal will continue to survive.
    4. A herd of 80 rhinoceros have been moved from South Africa to Australia to “save the species” because “there is no safe place in Africa for rhinos today” (see Hayward et al., 2017). What do you think of this plan? Do you think the project will be successful? What are the main opportunities and challenges? Once you’re done answering the question read Lundgren et al. (2017) and decide if you still feel the same.

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