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18.4: Key Words and Terms

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    "9+2" F-actin myosin ATPase
    \(\alpha \) tubulin F-actin polarity myosin
    A-band flagella myosin "heads"
    acetylcholine fluorescence microscopy neuromuscular junction
    acidic keratin force transduction nuclear lamina
    actin G-actin plus and minus ends
    actin-binding proteins hair, horn protofilaments
    actin-myosin interactions I-band psuedopodia
    actin-myosin paradox intermediate filaments sarcomere
    action potential intestinal microvilli sarcoplasmic reticulum
    aoeboid movement keratin sarcolemma
    ATPase keratin isoforms scales, feathers, fingernails
    axoneme lamins secretion vesicle transport
    \(\beta \) tubulin membrane depolarization skeletal muscle contraction
    basal body microfilaments skeletal muscle relaxation
    basic keratin microtubule assembly end sliding filament model
    Ca2+ regulation of contraction microtubule disassembly end syncytium
    Ca2+ release v. active transport microtubule doublets thick and thin filaments
    cell motility microtubule organizing center titin
    centriole microtubule polarity transverse (T) tubules
    cilia microtubule-associated proteins tread-milling
    contraction regulation microtubules tropomyosin
    cortical cellular microfilaments mitotic, meiotic spindle fibers troponin I
    creatine phosphate M-line troponin T
    cross-bridges motor proteins troponins
    cytoplasmic streaming MTOC troponin C
    cytoskeleton muscle cell tubulin heterodimer
    desmosomes muscle fiber tubulins
    dynein myocyte viscoelasticity
    evolution of actin genes myofiber Z-disks
    evolution of myosin genes myofibril Z-line



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