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15.9: Key Words and Terms

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    2',3' dideoxy CTP chemotherapy genome regulatory networks
    alternative splicing genome projects restriction endonucleases
    automated DNA sequencing genomic library reticulocyte
    autoradiography insert DNA reverse transcriptase
    BACs and YACs library screening RNA probes
    bacterial artificial chromosome vectors linkers RNAse
    blunt ends Northern blot shotgun sequencing
    cDNA oligo d(T) column single nucleotide polymorphisms
    cDNA hairpin loop PCR SNPs
    cDNA library PCR primers Southern blot
    cDNA probes PCR steps sticky ends
    chemiluminescence phage lambda vectors systematics
    cosmid vectors plasmids Taq polymerase
    di-deoxy chain termination poly(A) tail thermophilic bacteria
    di-deoxy sequencing method polymerase chain reaction thermophilic DNA polymerases
    DNA ligase primer Thermus aquaticus
    DNA sequencing primer walking transcriptome
    elution probe hybridization transformation
    ethidium bromide proteome vectors
    fluorescence recombinant vector Western blot
    forensics recombination yeast artificial chromosome vectors
    Genetic (DNA) fingerprint

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