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14.8: Key Words and Terms

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    Alu Gag non-homologous recombination
    anthocyanins genomic complexity Non-LTR transposons
    antibiotic resistance genes heterochromatin protease
    antibodies immune system protein coat
    autonomous transposon immunoglobulin genes prt
    bacterial composite transposons integrase renaturation kinetics
    bacterial IS elements inverted repeats Repetitive DNA
    bacterial Tn elements jumping genes replicative transposition
    bacteriophage L1 resolvase
    centromere LINE retrotransposon
    chromatin LTR (long terminal repeats) retrovirus
    chromosomes LTR transposons RNA transposon
    Class I transposon lysis satellite DNA
    Class II transposon lysogeny SINE
    cointegrate lytic pathway of phage spindle fibers
    CoT curves maize AC (activator) gene telomeres
    cut-and-paste transposition maize Ds (dissociator) gene transposase
    density gradient centrifugation mariner triploid endosperm
    direct repeats McClintock Ty
    DNA sequence phylogeny mosaicism viral infection
    exon shuffling Mu phage
    fertility (F) plasmids non-autonomous transposon

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