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12.6: Key Words and Terms

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    10 nm fiber galactose pseudogene
    3' non-transcribed DNA galactoside PTS
    30 nm solenoid fiber gene activation regulatory genes
    5' non-transcribed DNA gene derepression second messenger
    adaptive immune system gene expression nucleosomes
    adult stem cells gene induction O1 and O2 lac operators
    allolactose gene regulation operator
    antisense RNA gene repression operon regulation
    basic v. non-basic proteins HAT enzymes PEP-dependent P-transferase system
    beads-on-a-string helix-turn-helix motif phage DNA
    \(\beta \)-galactosidase heterochromatin phophodiester backbone
    cAMP histone acetylation phosphorlyation
    cAMP receptor protein histone kinases pluripotent cells
    CAP protein histone methyl transferases polycistronic mRNA
    CAT box histone methylation positive regulation
    catabolite activator protein histone phosphorlyation promoter
    chromatin remodeling housekeeping genes proximal regulatory element
    cis-acting elements inducer exclusion signal transduction
    condensed chromatin interphase steroid hormone
    developmental program introns structural genes
    differential gene lac operon TATA box
    distal regulatory element lacl gene tetrametric lac repressor
    DNA bending lactose totipotent cells
    DNAse lactose permease transcription factors
    embryonic stem cells lactose repressor transcription regulation
    enhancers lac Z, lac Y, lac A genes transcription start site
    environmental signals leucine zipper motif translation regulation
    epigenome levels of chromatin structure trp operon
    euchromatin major groove trp repressor
    exons minor groove zinc finger motif
    extended chromatin miRNA (micro RNA)
    fully differentiated cells negative regulation

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