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10.8: Key Words and Terms

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    16S rRNA internal promoters rRNA
    18S rRNA introns rRNA cleavage
    23S rRNA lariat rRNA endonucleases
    28S rRNA mature RNA transcript \(\sigma \)-factor
    45S pre-rRNA mRNA SINEs
    45S rRNA methylation mRNA capping snRNP
    4S rRNA mRNA polyadenylation spacer RNA
    5'-methyl guanosine capping mRNA splicing splice sites
    5S rRNA operons spliceosome
    8S rRNA poly (A) polymerase Svedburg unit
    adenine poly (A) tail TATA binding protein
    Alu polycistronic RNA TBP
    branch sites Pribnow box termination
    crossing over promoter TFIIB, TFGIIE, TFIIF, TFIIH
    cytosine recombination transcription
    DNA binding proteins regulatory DNA sequence transcription start site
    E. coli RNA polymerase regulatory factor transcription unit
    elongation rho termination factor translation
    eukaryotic RNA polymerases rho-independent termination transposition
    exon shuffling ribonucleoproteins transposons
    exons RNA polymerase I tRNA
    guanine RNA polymerase II tRNA processing
    helitrons RNA polymerase III upstream v. downstream
    helix-turn-helix motif RNA processing uracil
    initiation RNA secondary structure

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