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3.4: Hairy grama

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    hairy grama
    Hairy grama in a prairie. Photo courtesy of Peter Dzuik of Minnesota Wildflowers.

    Bouteloua hirsuta

    Warm season; Perennial

    Characteristics: 12–24”; upright open; flowers green to purple; foliage chartreuse

    Growing Conditions: average to dry; drought tolerant; full sun; hardy zones 3–8

    Hairy grama is a smaller grass that has a very open growth habit, with leaves crowded near the base. The seedheads are similar in shape to blue grama, but are covered in fine hairs, giving them a fuzzy look. The seedheads can be green to purple, sometimes taking on a deep bronze color.


    Currently, no nativars are available. The plant is not widely available, but can be found at native garden centers.

    Associated Lepidoptera:

    Species that feed on hairy grama according to the literature are Uncas skipper (Hesperia uncas), Ottoe skipper (Hesperia ottoe), and Leonard’s skipper (Hesperia leonardus pawnee).

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