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6.5: Summative Questions

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    1. Were there any differences in the amount of water in the bags from plants 1 and 3 in your transpiration experiment? If so, what could explain these differences (which variable was changed between these treatment groups)?
    2. What about between plants 2 and 3, considering the same questions as above?
    3. Plants 3 and 4?
    4. What did plant 3 represent in the experiment? Explain your answer.
    5. What is the role of water in a plant -- why do plants need it?
    6. Open stomata result in water loss through transpiration. Why don’t plants just close their stomata to prevent water loss?
    7. What environmental factors influence the amount of transpiration in plants?
    8. Cohesion, adhesion, tension, and capillary action act on water as it moves through the plant body. Define each of these terms and explain how they participate in the movement water through the plant.
    9. How does the diameter of a conducting cell in the xylem influence the ability of the plant to take up water?

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