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1.5: Suggested Rubric

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    Introduction (11 pts)

    ( ) A brief description of the experimental design 2 pts

    ( ) Your question 2 pts

    ( ) Your hypothesis 2 pts

    ( ) Which variables you chose to measure 2 pts

    ( ) Background information to justify your hypothesis and variable selection 3 pts (no need to cite)

    Data (5 pts)

    ( ) A presentation of your collected data (tables, graphs, etc...) 3 pts, clearly labeled! 2 pts

    Analysis (9 pts)

    ( ) A written interpretation of your data/findings. Connect your results to plant nutrition.*(see below) 4 pts

    ( ) A discussion of the results in relation to your hypothesis: How do these findings relate to your hypothesis? Do they support your hypothesis or not? 2 pts

    ( ) A brief analysis on improvement: How you could make this experiment better? Was there anything that you think impacted your results? Are there data that you wish you had collected? etc...3 pts

    This should be 1-2 pages, not including tables and graphs. Your grade will be based on inclusion of necessary components. As you write your report, use this guide as a checklist! It is also posted to Canvas.

    *In this section reiterate the importance of these nutrients to the plant, their function, if they are components of any molecules (micro or macro) that we discussed in this class. This is very important – it shows me that you can apply your knowledge. Relate lecture material regarding nutrients/molecules to the appearance of your plants – how/why the lack of these nutrients/molecules might have affected the plant structure, color, flowering ability, growth, etc . of your plants.

    For example: Don’t just state “phosphorus provides energy to the plant” –Tell me that phosphorus is a component of nucleic acids, of which ATP is one, and ATP is the energy molecule of the cell – driving chemical reactions.

    Don’t just list the nutrients and a general description of their function – relate them to the health of your plants. Explain why the deficiency in these nutrients might explain the appearance of your plants. What role do these nutrients play in the processes like photosynthesis, mitosis, cell communication, etc.

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