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2C: Understanding Protein Conformation

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  • Learning Objectives

    • describe the differences between primary, secondary, supersecondary, tertiary, quaternary and domain protein structure
    • explain the basis of CD measurements for secondary structure
    • describe the similarities between torsion angles and an energy vs torsion angle plot for the rotation of the C2-C3 torison angle with phi/psi angles of peptide bonds and the 2D plots off allowed conformations around a given amino acid in a protein (Ramachandran plot).
    • (from reading give explanation for observed propensities of amino acids for different secondary structure)

    Thumbnail: Structure of human hemoglobin. The proteins α and β subunits are in red and blue, and the iron-containing heme groups in green. From PDB: 1GZX​. (GNU; Proteopedia Hemoglobin).

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