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20. Fetal Pig Dissection

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  • Objectives

    1. Develop dissecting skills.
    2. Learn anatomy and physiology of key vertebrate and mammalian systems.

    Dissection is a powerful tool that provides us profound understanding of our own anatomy and physiology as living, breathing creatures and also helps us to develop a stronger understanding of evolutionary relationships between taxonomic groups. What sort of dissection experiences do you already have? As you begin this sequence of dissections, please keep in mind several things. Dissection should be done thoughtfully and respectfully. It is important to take your time carefully and to think about what you are doing. This care will help you to preserve structures for the next several weeks and will make review easier. Also, merely identifying structures is insufficient to develop fully an appreciation for how these structures work. You must think about the function of these structures. How do they work?! Also, please do these dissections respectfully. These organisms were euthanized so that we might have a wonderful opportunity to learn something greater about the living world. Please keep that in mind as you are working.

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