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Part 1: Orientation of Images in the Microscope

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  • Orientation of Images in the Microscope

    A large part of the learning process of microscopy is getting used to the orientation of images viewed through the oculars as opposed to with the naked eye. A common mistake is moving the mechanical stage the wrong way to find the specimen. This procedure is merely practice designed to make new users more comfortable with using the microscope.


    • Compound microscope

    • Microscope slide with the letter “e”


    1. Place the letter “e” slide onto the mechanical stage. Be sure to note the orientation of the letter “e” as it appears to your naked eye.

    2. Use the SCANNING (4x) objective and course focus adjustment to focus, then move the mechanical stage around to find the letter “e”. Note the orientation when viewed through the oculars.

    Does the lens of the microscope reverse the image? _________

    Does it flip the image? (upside down) _________