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Part 2: Testing for starch

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  • Testing for starch

    Lugol’s reagent (IKI solution) turns dark blue/black in presence of starch

    Test samplesdistilled water, glucose, starch, orange juice, regular soda, diet soda, unknown

    *Shake starch before using

    1.  Label tubes

    2.  Add ~3 ml samples (~0.75 inch) and record color in chart.

    3.  Add 9 drops Lugol’s reagent and swirl to mix.

    4.  Record color in table below.

    tube sample initial color color after IKI conclusion
    1 water      
    2 glucose      
    3 starch      
    4 orange juice      
    5 regular soda      
    6 diet soda      
    7 unknown